Pilates is a fantastic form of exercise to rehabilitate and shape your body, but also complements other exercise types and sports.

Initially developed by Joseph Pilates during World War 1, this method of exercise has been refined over many years. Hence why it has been adopted by the Physiotherapy, Dance and Fitness communities. Pilates uses alignment, concentration, control, breathing and flowing movements to give an overall body workout. Of course our Physiotherapist can individualise the session to target specific muscles and areas. 



Healing through movement

At Embody we use ‘Clinical’ or ‘Physiotherapy Pilates’ in our modern Pilates Studio, to treat and rehabilitate from injury, pain and dysfunction. Our Physiotherapy team will provide individualized movement therapy sessions to help you achieve your goals, whether they be rehab or fitness-based.

You may choose from either: Private 1:1 or semi-private 1:2/1:3 sessions. Private one-on-one sessions are ideal for clients who are new to movement therapy, or prefer extra guidance and feedback. Our 1:2 and 1:3 sessions are semi-private, meaning the attention and guidance from the physiotherapist will be shared between 2-3 clients. These sessions are still individualised, and allow for personalised feedback .

Each patient is assessed and treated according to their injury and needs, performing clinical Pilates based exercises specially designed for each individual. Health Rebate available.

+ Group Circuit Pilates

Small group classes (maximum of 6 clients) with our physiotherapist utilising all machines and equipment in a circuit-type format. A generalised fitness-based class ideal for anyone looking to get fit, toned and more flexible. Ideally not suited for those who have a specific injury or needing an individualized program. Health Rebate available




+ Do I need to book in for an assessment first?

Yes, we require you to book in for an initial Pilates Assessment prior to attending any of our sessions. This is to allow a full assessment, to discuss previous injury and pain history, discuss your goals, and highlight what areas we need to work on, strengthen or re-train. The Physiotherapist can then tailor a specific program to suit your needs and wants!

+ Do men do Pilates?

Absolutely! From tradies to lawyers to elite athletes, everyone can benefit. (Fun fact: Brownlow medallist Jimmy Bartel, soccer star David Beckham and actor Hugh Jackman are all Pilates fans).

+ What should I wear?

Exercise attire, something that you are free to move in. Shoes are not needed, but please bring socks along (Grippy socks are preferred). You’re welcome to bring a water bottle, we also have a water station at our studio.