Setting New Year’s Resolutions: We are here to help!

The New Year is almost upon us and chances are you are planning and setting some goals or at least thinking about how you want 2018 to unfold. Whether you have decided to get back into exercise, focus more on your health, run a marathon or tackle a long-standing injury – we are here to help!

It’s all well and good to set New Year’s resolutions, but the struggle comes in sticking to these resolutions and accomplishing them. Having the right resources and support around you can make all the difference! Your Physiotherapist is here to help you reach your goals.

These are just a few of the things your Physiotherapist can assist with to make 2018 a great year:



Are you a Mum? Was 2017 all about helping others? Maybe 2018 should be about “filling your own cup”, because how can you look after others if you are not healthy? Lauren loves to help Mums of all ages achieve their goals; whether it be improving their pelvic floor muscles, decreasing their aches and pains or feeling stronger.



Setting a New Year's Resolution to get back into running? Karolina treats many runners and can assist you in creating a plan, so you can get back to running and avoid injury! As a runner herself, Karolina can not only help you with any current injuries and injury prevention, but can also help you come up with the best training plan. Karolina can do a video analysis of your running to give you specific tips to have you running much faster and more efficiently! 



Are you an athlete looking to make the most of your pre-season training? Or perhaps you have an injury that needs some rehab before the sporting season starts again. Courtney enjoys seeing the sporting population.  She can help you perform at your best for the 2018 season.

By sharing your goals with others, you are more likely to achieve them. Be sure to let your Physiotherapist and the Embody Team know what your goals for the New Year are. 

Call us on 6110 3331 or book online so we help you accomplish a healthy 2018!

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