Women’s Health Week

Make your Health a Priority!   Women’s Health Week commences on the 3rd September. The aim of Women’s Health week is to prioritize Women’s health.  Most of us can get so busy looking after others that we forget to look after ourselves. This national event commenced in 2013 by Jean Hailes for Women’s Health. The…

How Pilates can Improve your Mental Health

Pilates for Mental Health Written by Krystal Rowland   Most of us have experienced times in our lives when we have felt flat or down, are plagued by worrying thoughts, stressed by work, finances and life in general. As winter is kicking in to full swing, sometimes it can be challenging to ward off the…

Why Pilates is your Perfect Winter Exercise

The days are getting shorter, the winter outfits are coming out and most of us will start going into ‘hibernation’. Keeping on top of your exercise routine is difficult most weeks, however when it stays dark outside for longer and it’s cold, it makes it even more challenging to stay fit and healthy. On top of this, you start to reach for the comfort food and before you know it you have the flu and the horrible ‘winter blues’. Sounds dreadful right? There’s a way of avoiding all of this and having a healthy winter. Simply add Pilates to your routine! Here are the 5 reasons why Pilates is your perfect winter exercise:

5 Steps to an Ergonomic Work Station

Whether you work at a desk all day or are a student, the effects of a sedentary position for long periods can cause lots of pain! We treat a number of back, neck, elbow, arm and wrist pain associated from poor ergonomics. Here’s 5 steps to prevent these injuries and work more effectively.   1. …

Headaches? Don’t put up with the pain

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…It’s that time of year… That joyful season where we catch up with family and friends, eating and drinking far too much, giving and receiving gifts and enjoying the beautiful summer days! For most of us though, it is also a very busy period, where we rush around for last minute gifts,…

Why should you see a Physiotherapist?

8 Reasons to See a Physiotherapist You may be aware that a physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who focuses on the musculoskeletal system. They help improve mobility, relieve pain, and much more. But the exact reasons people come to physiotherapy vary as much as the treatments themselves. Why should you see a physiotherapist? Keep reading, and you…

Physio Chat: Why We Love Pilates <3

  Having Valentine's Day earlier this month, we thought it was only appropriate that our latest blog be about 'LOVE'! Pilates is fast becoming a popular exercise form due to its many benefits. We asked our Physio's why they love Pilates and this is what they said:

Our 3 Step Guide to a Healthy School Year

The holidays are coming to an end, the kids will be going back to school and back into routine. It can be a busy and even stressful time trying to get school supplies, uniforms and schedules organised for the new school year. Fear not, we have put together a quick guide to ensure your kids have a healthy school year and avoid injuries from back to school related activities.

Setting New Year’s Resolutions: We are here to help!

The New Year is almost upon us and chances are you are planning and setting some goals or at least thinking about how you want 2018 to unfold. Whether you have decided to get back into exercise, focus more on your health, run a marathon or tackle a long-standing injury – we are here to…

Christmas Gift Ideas

Our gift guide to Christmas