Top 5 Ways To Reduce Neck Tension & Pain

Cleeve’s Top 5 Tips To Reduce Neck Pain & Tension   One of the most common presentations at

Women’s Health Week

Make your Health a Priority!   Women’s Health Week commences on the 3rd September. The aim of Women’s

How Pilates can Improve your Mental Health

Pilates for Mental Health Written by Krystal Rowland   Most of

Why should you see a Physiotherapist?

8 Reasons to See a Physiotherapist You may be aware that a physiotherapist is a healthcare professional who focuses on

5 Steps to an Ergonomic Work Station

Whether you work at a desk all day or are a student, the effects of a sedentary position for long

Headaches? Don’t put up with the pain

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells…It’s that time of year… That joyful season where we catch up with family and friends, eating

Why Pilates is your Perfect Winter Exercise

The days are getting shorter, the winter outfits are coming out and most of us will start going into ‘hibernation’.

Our 3 Step Guide to a Healthy School Year

1.  The Right Backpack “This bag is as heavy as a ton of bricks!” Have you ever

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